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Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
career. >> rose: the other point you made is john harbaugh changed the team during mid-season. he took the defense apart. >> you know, it's amazing to me. coaches a lot of times -- i remember, there was three weeks left in the regular season wn john harbaugh chose firehis offensive coordinator cam cameron and replace him with jim caldwell. and what is amazing to me is that cameron had been there for five years and a lot of coachs if they see a dysfunctional situation for whatever reason will just say "okay. we'll change this in the off season. it's too embarrassing to change it now." >> rose: not harbaugh. >> both of these harbaughs did something late in the year that appeared to be stupid. one changed quarter backs and, you know, jim harbaugh chains quarterbacks from the highest rated passer in the n.f.l. to an unproven guy, this colin kaepernick, this stallion that we're talking about and the other one change to the offensive coordinator with three weeks left. that was a little bit more understandable because a lot of the players had been chafing at the offense that they had been ru
Feb 1, 2013 12:00am EST
looks, and she died because of me. >> what was her name, john? >> [stutters] tammie. >> can i give you a lift, sir? >> no, thanks. joyce is driving out here. she'll pick me up. >> right. >> what's that? >> i suppose i may as well dump it. >> what is it? >> it was that present i bought for jay. >> oh. >> she didn't want it. i don't think she's over her last relationship. >> lord byron, "selected poems." >> yeah. she had this tatty old book in her house. so i thought i'd buy her a new one. she marked that page in particular. it must be her favorite. >> "so we'll go no more a-roving so late into the night, though the heart be still as loving, and the moon be still as bright." are you? born in a prison... man: who's that young girl? little dorrit? oh, she's nothing. surrounded by secrets... man: there is one thing i should like to ask you. woman: have a care what you wish for. from the sprawling rags-to-riches novel by chaou. a story about a small woman with a big heart. its auto insurance customers for over 70 years.e to more information on auto insurance at or 1-800-947-auto an
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm PST
is going on in the world. and when my editor john meacham, he left "newsweek" and went to random house and i said wow-- . >> rose: moved back to nashville, by the way. >> yeah, after, in the course of this whole project, he and his wife, and he had made that plan. and i thought it would be fun to have an editor like john. and it really caused me to think well, maybe i will turn this into a book. and the last two years i ha really d into it. i moved all the furniture out of my living room in nashville, i put up giant white boards, had directed research, 15,000 pages worth. and here's what i lirnle lirnled-- learned, charlie. >> we'll talk chap per-- chapter by chapter. >> more death, but there has never been a time in human history when we've had so many truly revolutionary changes going on simultaneously. the genetic revolution. we're crossing the boundaries between species slicing genes, enhancing human traits, selecting traits, curing diseases. the digital and commuter revolution which is completely transforming the way we relate to one another in our communities, in our nations and
Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
got standing room only tickets. we sat in the aisle, two rows from the top, just in time to watch john gillium, famous down here in new orleans, return the opening kickoff, 94 yards for a touchdown. at that point i was hopelessly in love with the nfl. had no idea that i would one day be calling the nfl or that i would am could be ba and have a chance to call a super bowl here in new orleans. >> rose: we conclude with an owner's perspective on the nfl, robert kraft of the new england patriots. >> my philosophy in any of our business to get the best people we can get. that doesn't mean the person i might choose might not be right for you. but it is right for us. and i have to feel that i can build a relationship with key managers. and if i can't, then we usually don't do it. and they don't teach this stuff at harvard business school. i mean it's just something you l and y feeland it's right or it isn't right. >> rose: a program note, more of my conversations about new orleanses with james carville, mary matalin and julia reed will be seen next week. tonight, the city and the game when we
Jan 26, 2013 12:00am PST
're wonderful that way but anyway did that film. the cinematographer was john deboarman and we would talk shots during the movies. you sound like you should be directingment and i said find me something. because it is called show business. and even if you are, you know, famous as an actor for years, they don't send you scripts as a director until you've proven yourself. so i, very rarely got, and unless they needed you as a star okay we'll let you direct. >> so what happened with this, the cinematography worked on the film you and empty-- emma thompson. you said i would like to look for something, he knew the producer. >> he worked for the producer when he worked, two directors had been with this project quartet. they fell out. that is the only way i get offered somethingness. >> rose: somebody gets fired. >> two people get fired. so-- so the day before i catch the plane to am could back to los angeles from london he calls mement and he says i've got a script. and he sent it and i read it on the airplane. and it moved me but i would have-- . >> rose: moved you, you were crying. your poor wife l
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)